Feb 6, 2013 St. John School learns about the Market community

It was a feast for the senses as these second graders from St John School experienced the Market. They met sellers, producers, consumers. They learned where people live in the Market. And they tasted “marinated banana slugs”(!) in the program’s new classroom in the Economy Building:
Scott in new classroom

Later on, one group drooled while watching chocolate filled treats being made at Piroshky, Piroshky:
Piroshky, Piroshky

They were offered some tasty samples by Britt, from Britt’s Pickles:
Britt's PIckles samples

They saw, heard, and smelled  many wonderful things at the Market today! Their trip ended with a visit to indi chocolate, where Erin shared chocolate samples that you do not eat!

indi chocolate treats

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