April 10, 2013 Arbor Heights Elementary

A third grade classroom from Arbor Heights Elementary came to the Market on a wet and blustery day in April, but they arrived with enthusiasm and knowledge about the Market that made their tour that much more entertaining and fulfilling. One group made a stop at The Great Wind-Up, where they tried out some of the toys and then found out a little about what it takes to run a business from store owner Alan:
Try Before You Buy
Great Wind-up

They visited with many other merchants and craftspeople, and ended up where many do – at he world famous Gum Wall. As much fun as it is to see the gum, parent chaperones get almost as much enjoyment taking pictures of their kids posing by the wall:
Gum Wall Photographers

Bill, from the Magic Shop in the Market, spent a few minutes amazing the group with a special card trick:

It was a wonderful tour, made extra special as it reunited former teaching colleagues (for 21 years!) Mrs. Salter (the classroom teacher) and Mr. Ahlness (tour leader):
Mark and Lynn

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