June 5, 2013 Loyal Heights Elementary

On a beautiful morning near the very end of the school year, a wonderful classroom of third graders from Loyal Heights Elementary School visited the Market. They chatted briefly with Nikki, who was busy making fresh mozzarella upstairs at DiLaurentis:
Making Mozarella

Still thinking cheese, the group paid a visit to Mt. Townsend Creamery, where Julia offered them samples, and explained about the many types of cheeses they make and sell:
Julia 2

Julia 1

What better way to wash down the cheese but with some dark chocolate linguini from Pappardelle’s Pasta, crunchy (uncooked) and yummy:
Dark Chocolate Linguine!

A short time later, they came upon an amazing street performer doing 3+ things at once (there’s a hula hoop and a Rubik’s Cube in there, for starts):
Street Performer

Many stops later, the group ended their visit with Steve’s tour through Golden Age Collectibles, which included important topics like Star Wars collectibles, supply and demand, and what to do if you run into Godzilla:
Preparing for Godzilla!

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