Nov 13, 2013 Holy Rosary School

Today a very enthusiastic classroom of 4th graders from Holy Rosary School visited the Market. They had done some work preparing to interview some of the merchants and vendors about what it was like to work in the Market – very interesting! One group started out at Mt. Townsend Creamery, with some excellent questions, and were rewarded with some tasty cheese samples:

Stopping at a high stall nearby, they had a great conversation about what it was like to work there:

A few minutes later, they were talking cheese again, this time with Brian, from Beechers, who also got into amino acids a little, believe it or not:

While heading through the Corner Market building, the group stopped to watch Meeghan Black, from Evening Magazine, filming a segment about Britt’s Pickles for an upcoming show:

As lunchtime neared, the group headed to Bottega Italiana, where they learned about gelato from Emily, while interviewing her and getting some tasty samples!

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