Nov 19, 2015 Holy Rosary

Today an attentive and prepared classroom of fourth graders from Holy Rosary School had a great time at the Market. One group stopped by the cooking area upstairs at  DiLaurentis and got the inside scoop on making fresh mozzarella:

Heading up the North Arcade, they were offered some fun chocolate linguini at Pappardelle’s Pasta:

A real treat awaited them “Down Under”, as they met up with Ganny, from Golden Age Collectables. She explained the ins and outs of the comic book world, important concepts like supply and demand, and then explained that an encounter with Godzilla should not be taken lightly:

Here they all are, screaming at the tops of their lungs in Japanese (complete with proper fear reaction):
11-19-15d(see this video of Steve, explaining the same concept to another group)

The final stop of the day for the entire classroom had to be the world famous Gum Wall!  Just in case you have been living under a rock and have missed the news – after 20 years, it was cleaned off – every single piece, down to the bricks! So the rare opportunity arose, to actually stick a piece of gum right on the wall – and not just on top of somebody else’s gum. The perfect spot was not a decision taken lightly by anybody…

Eventually every piece of gum found its place on the wall. Look closely here, and you can see the student carefully chose a small spot where the mortar was missing in between the bricks. The wall is now stronger!

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