Jan 28, 2016 Adams Elementary

Today a classroom of second graders from Adams Elementary School had a wonderful time at the Market. After splitting up into four groups, one group had a problem when their tour leader lost his pen. Not to worry, the friendly people at Pike’s Pit Bar-B-Que offered to loan us one. A bonus was a sample of some of their delicious barbecue, yum!

For a challenging taste adventure, they visited Sotto Voce, where they sampled flavored oils and vinegars, and were even encouraged to “double dip”, but not how you might think! This involved dipping one bread cube into an oil, one into a vinegar, and putting them both into their mouth at the same time. Wow, tasty!

A trip “Down Under” lead to looking at some amazing glass creations and discussions of home collections:

Heading back outside, they ran into a street magician,who amazed them with a rope trick that they really never figured out…

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