Feb 4, 2016 Arbor Heights

An excited and well prepared fourth grade classroom from Arbor Heights Elementary had a fantastic time learning about the Market today! One group enjoyed watching Chris and Phinneas  perform up close, while another group took in the show from across the Atrium. Pretty special, either way!

Heading out into the Arcade, they were stopped by the friendly folks at  Pike’s Pit Bar-B-Que and offered some tasty barbecue for breakfast!

Later on they were in for a real treat at the Magic Shop in the Market, where owner Darryl amazed them with a Chinese sticks and string trick!

One level lower in the Down Under, they got an eye-opening lesson in perspective and point of view from Scott, at Reflecting on Seattle:

One of the most exciting stops was also the last one – a chance to add to the Gum Wall, where there is still some brick showing through in certain parts – but not for long!


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