Feb 25, 2016 Schmitz Park Elementary

Today three of the five(!) 2nd grade classrooms from Schmitz Park Elementary visited the Market. Half the group in the morning, and the rest after lunch. While there, classrooms split up into smaller groups to explore and learn. One of the most beautiful stops was in the Market’s own vegetable garden, which happens to have one of the best views in the Market – especially on such a beautiful day!


Many of the groups ended up at some point at Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses to watch the cheese making process and to try a sample!

Down on Western, the classes met up at Billie the Pig (cousin to Rachel), and had a fun time trying to climb to the top!

Not to be outdone, Scott Davies (Director of the Education Program) took a turn, to show how to do it with style, see the video below:

All the groups gathered up at the Pike Market Food Bank, where Brian explained how it worked and showed where their school’s food drive donations ended up:

Most of the groups got to take in some of the amazing construction going on for the new Market expansion:

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