May 19, 2016 St. Matthew School

An excited class of fourth graders from St. Matthew School had a great time at the Market today, in spite of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Cruise ship season has begun, and the Market gets really crowded these days. But these wonderful students had a lot of fun and learned plenty along the way. One group visited the Market Senior Center Garden in search of edible plants they could use in their food scavenger hunt. They each found at least one to add, and therefore got to sign the veggie pig in the garden:05-19-16a

Out in the Market, they were treated to a tasty lemon curd sample and enjoyed a good laugh at La Buona Tavola:

Just a few doors down, at Sotto Voce, they got adventurous with samples of herbed and spiced olive oils:

All the groups got together at the end for a visit to the Pike Market Food Bank. Their school will be having a food drive this year, and it was important to see where their donations will be going.

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