May 31, 2016 Dunlap Elementary

Second graders from Dunlap Elementary thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Market today! An early stop for one group was the Market Senior Center Garden, where part of their assignment was to find foods beginning with S or T. Those who did (everybody!) got to write their names on the garden pig:

They had of course watched the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish toss salmon around, but they were caught by surprise, to put it mildly, with the Monk Fish there. This picture was taken as they were getting a good, up close view, about one second before it moved, and a serious, screaming panic ensued (all in good fun):05-31-16b
After settling down, the group wandered down Pike Place, where they ran into busker Chris, and his parrot, Phinneas. They were amazed and entranced:05-31-16c05-31-16d

The visit to the Gum Wall made extra special as a parent chaperon just happened to have gum for everyone! Naturally, there was a lot of strategizing about exactly where to put their gum:


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