Bertschi School’s “Evergreen Market” created by the 2nd graders

Bertschi School’s second-graders set a new record at their “Evergreen Market” on October 26 & 27.  The two classes sold fresh seasonal produce donated by Full Circle Farm, plus crafts made by the students such as bookmarks, “God’s eyes,” and bancuks (tokens to ward off any evil energy). There were mini-versions of Rachel the Piggybank, and buskers performed for tips. There were even maintenance workers who cleaned in between shopping sessions. Parents, teachers and students from the entire school shopped.

The sales total from their 2-day market was an amazing $1,548.65, a new record!  The proceeds will go to the Pike Place Market Foundation, the organization that supports the food bank, preschool, senior center, medical clinic and assisted-care facility in the Market.

Students started their studies of the Market in September, with teachers teaching lessons and using materials in the teacher resource bag. See the photo below  of a classroom display board that featured photos of the contents of the international touch kit and a world map.10-27-16-display-board-6

They visited the Market in early October. Their involvement with the Market continues, too. Third-graders did a school-wide food drive for the food bank, and the second-graders will come back to the Market to be reading buddies for the preschool children. Many thanks to the Bertschi School community for their service to the Market, and special thanks to second-grade teachers Beth Williams and Andrew Fox. Their tireless leadership is amazing!

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