May 18, 2017 Our Lady of Fatima

Today a very well prepared class of third graders from Our Lady of Fatima Parish School visited the Pike Place Market. They had already studied about the Market and its history, so it was an especially enriching experience for them. One group stopped by La Buona Tavola, where they were offered a sample of some caramel – yum!

Heading north on Pike Place, they arrived at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, where they were very interested in the cheese making process – and watched a worker take the temperatures of cheese being made, and then recording it:

Their school had run a food drive for the Pike Market Food Bank, so they stopped by the food bank to deliver their food, and to learn about the program. They even had a chance to personally experience the huge walk-in freezer. Very cool – ha. Then Eric, from the food bank, talked with the whole group about the food they provide – where it comes from, how much they distribute, and how many people depend on it:

As the groups headed back to the  Market Classroom for lunch, some had to stop and enjoy some great music from a busker duo right under the famous sign and clock:

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