May 25, 2017 Loyal Heights Elementary

Third graders from Loyal Heights Elementary School enjoyed a beautiful day at the Market. One group stopped by Don and Joe’s Meats, where they heard a great pirate joke from Ellery. We can’t exactly remember the riddle, but we know the answer was “a buck an ear”!

Walking along Pike Place, they stopped to take in a special performance by  Chris and Phinneas – including parrot juggling – really!

They had a fabulous time exploring, and taking in the paroramic views from the new Pike Place MarketFront. The grand opening won’t be for a month, but just having a chance to walk around in the new space was quite a thrill!

One group was a little late getting back to the Market Classroom for lunch, because they just had to stop and listen, like many others, to the fun music from Jeffrey Circus:


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