Oct 2, 2017 Coe Elementary

A great third grade classroom from Frantz Coe Elementary School started off the school tour year in style. After meeting in the the Market Classroom, the entire class headed to the new MarketFront, where half the group learned about (and sampled) biscuits from Art at Honest Biscuits
while the other half learned about making chocolate from Angie at indi chocolate:
And then they switched places. Quite a fun beginning, to start out in the new year in the newest part of the Market!

At that point, the class split into four small groups, and the tours continued. One group was dazzled by Jeff, at the Magic Shop in the Market, with the classic cups and balls trick – how did he DO that?

Finally, a group visited the world famous Gum Wall, which had just been cleaned! Now, some might have been disappointed at how tidy it was, but others took it as a challenge to cover it even faster, thicker, and grosser than before! Here they go:

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