Oct 11, 2018 Sacajawea Elementary

A nice classroom of third graders from Sacajawea Elementary School explored the Market today. After splitting up into small groups, one of the groups was fascinated with the jewelry display of a vendor in the North Arcade:

Crossing the street, they were welcomed into La Buona Tavola, where they learned about truffles (the ones that grow underground), sampled some truffle salt, and even got to taste some special caramel and chocolate:

Just a few doors down, the sampling continued, this time at Sotto Voce, where the tastes got more exotic and challenging, with flavored olive oils and some extra thick balsamic vinegar:

The group had a good time exploring the MarketFront, and they just had to pose for their parent chaperones alongside Billie the Piggy Bank:

The top smell of the day, without question, was in front of Piroshky, Piroshky, where the group was absorbed (for an amazingly long time) watching the production:

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