Nov 29, 2018 North Beach Elementary

A class of third graders from North Beach Elementary School had a fantastic educational experience at the Market today. One group started off their tour with a couple of samples – first, a taste of  chocolate linguine from Pappardelle’s – crunch, crunch, yum!

Across the street at Sotto Voce, they tried out some specially flavored olive oils and vinegars (photo below shows an adventurous vinegar taster):

Later on they headed Down Under to a couple of amazing businesses.  One was Gem Heaven, where owner Jim showed them some incredibly beautiful geodes:

Last stop was Golden Age Collectables. Steve took them on a custom tour behind the scenes, and covered many important issues – like supply and demand, while discussing Star Wars action figures:

But by far the most important information he passed on was about Manga, Godzilla, and what to do in the event of a Godzilla attack (to avoid becoming monster toe-jam):

Here’s Steve in action with a group a few years ago:

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