April 4, 2019 Wedgwood Elementary

A very well-prepared class of third graders from Wedgwood Elementary School had a great time at the Market today. There was a lot to take in on this beautiful spring day in Seattle – like the view of the ongoing demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, from the new MarketFront:

While in the area, they visited indi chocolate, for a lesson on how they make chocolate – followed by a sample of some Ecuadorian chocolate being made right at the moment – yum!

Also in the Market Front neighborhood was Billy the Piggy Bank, the perfect spot for a group photo:

The North Arcade was pretty busy (it’s spring break for some schools), and a good chance to take a break was at Woodring Orchards, where they got to sample some delicious jams and jellies:

At the end of the arcade, there were even more daystalls in the open air, taking advantage of the wonderful weather. The group was especially interested in the intricate wooden inlay art of this vendor:

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