Feb 13, 2020 Arbor Heights Elementary

A well-prepared fourth grade classroom from Arbor Heights Elementary toured the Market today. After gathering in the Market classroom as a class, small groups headed out out to learn some important lessons about businesses and how they work at the Market. One stop, at Golden Age Collectables had a wealth of information – and fun – for one lucky group.

Steve taught them the basics of supply and demand while they examined a display case of Star Wars action figures:

He also pointed out some amazing differences between Japanese manga, and comic books from the US:

But the highlight of the visit was learning what to do in case of an attack by Godzilla. They had to practice, over and over, and scream as LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE (what fun) at the top of their lungs, in Japanese, of course:

Steve thereby proclaimed them sufficiently trained to handle such a situation in the future.

Here’s Steve in action with a group a few years ago:

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