March 5, 2020 Kimball Elementary

A wonderful second grade class from Kimball Elementary visited and learned a lot about the Market today. You never know what you might come across – one group really enjoyed meeting a couple of friendly dogs and their owner:

Across the street, they were entertained by a busker playing a one of a kind instrument – and he was good!

They recognized someone at a daystall nearby, so they crossed the street again. She is a relative of a classmate, and she was selling Pike Place Market shirts and bags. 

Farther along in the North Arcade they met Talbot, from Long Life Candles. It was really hard to believe they were candles at first, because they were shaped in such unbelievably beautiful ways. Amazing!

It’s always fun when somebody in a visiting group has a Market Charm to look for, but this group had two charms to locate – fun!

The group’s last stop was “down under”, at Gem Heaven. Owner Jim answered questions and showed them many amazing things, including this meteorite fragment, which he dropped into their hands. It is heavier than it looks!

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