Feb 18, 2016 St. Alphonsus School

A great classroom of  3rd graders from St. Alphonsus School explored the Market today. After having tried a sample of of deep fried daffodil bulbs in the classroom (not really), one group set off and discovered the place where the actual treats were made, Daily Dozen Doughnuts. Watching the doughnut machine was fascinating!

They took a break from the North Arcade and stepped out onto the skybridge to watch progress on the newest part of the Market. Today, they were pouring a concrete slab foundation – exciting!

Across the street, they took in the wondrous aromas and artistry of the bakers at Piroshky, Piroshky:

They took some time to explore a little bit Down Under and had a very interesting time talking about photography and point of view with Scott, at Reflecting on Seattle:

Time was running out on the alphabet food scavenger hunt, and this group had still not found a food beginning with X. Luckily, they were offered a sample of a Xylocarp at Simply the Best. Yum, and thanks!

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