March 4, 2015 Evergreen School

Thanks for visiting Pike Place Market today, 2nd graders from Evergreen School! We had a great time. Here are some fun highlights!

One of first stops was the world famous Pike Place Fish–that’s where they throw the fish! We learned a lot from the fish mongers (fish sellers)! One of the cool things we got to do was check out the oysters! There are many different kinds of oysters, but these are the three that they carry. We learned a new word: shuck. The act of opening oysters is┬ácalled shucking! These are large Pacific, Kumamoto, Treasure Cove Oysters (top to bottom):

Oyster 101


Another cool place we checked out was the Golden Age Collectables! Steve showed us around. We learned a lot about comic book history and even prepared for when Godzilla might strike! He even gave the kids some starter comics to start their own collection:



Of course we even checked out the disgusting (but fascinating) gum wall on Post Alley. Check out one of our 2nd graders putting some vibrant blue gum on the wall:


Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!

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