Mar 31, 2016 Whittier Elementary

A very well prepared third grade classroom from Whittier Elementary School visited the Market on a gorgeous spring day. After splitting up into small groups, they took off in search of new adventures and learning opportunities.

One group was very interested in what was involved in running a daystall at the Market, and they got some very insightful information from Bill, at his daystall at the north end of the North Arcade. Thanks, Bill!

As part of their A-Z food scavenger hunt, they picked up “J” at City Fish (jumbo lobster tails):

Heading Down Under, they had a great conversation with Scott at Reflecting on Seattle. Turns out, Scott attended Whittier when he was a kid – small world!

They wound up their day by adding gum (or maybe not really) to the Gum Wall:


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