Gearing up for 2016-17

Today the Tour Leaders met to prepare for the new school year! We started out in the Classroom – reviewing procedures, looking over updated materials for participating classrooms, and talking a little about why we all keep coming back. Many of us have been participating for a loooong time! The Market’s Education Program is wonderful, and we feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Our first stop was at the flagship store of a brand new business in the Market, EIGHTH GENERATION. We met and spent some time talking with founder Louie Gong:

Still in the Atrium, we ran into longtime busker Chris, and his parrot, Phinneas, who had plenty to say:

One of the exciting parts we will be adding to our tours in early 2017 will be the new MarketFront. We gathered up to take a look at the construction at the end of the Joe Desimone bridge, which  will open up directly up to the expanded Market:

We are ready – let’s go!

Tour Leaders for 2016-17, L-R: Nancy, Dianna, Gloria, Don, Laurie, Linda, Melinda, Amy, Mark, Scott. Not pictured: Katrina, Sharon, Ron, Megan, Jessica
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