Jan 12, 2017 Fairmount Park Elementary

We are pleased to welcome Fairmount Park Elementary to the Market Education Program this year! Two third grade classrooms visited, on January 11 and 12. The pictures below are from the 12th. After a whole group introduction in the Market Classroom, we split up into small groups to explore, and learn more about the Pike Place Market.

One group sampled some crunchy chocolate linguine from Pappardelle’s Pasta – and considered some interesting toppings that might taste good with it (NOT tomato sauce):

A little farther along the North Arcade they tried some jams/jellies from Woodring Orchards, and a couple were even offered some chocolate fudge sauce – yum!

Towards the end of their tour, they ran into a vendor offering a tasty apple slice at Corner Produce:

As the group headed up the elevator to the Market Classroom for lunch (finally!), they had an interesting look at some of the original beams in the Economy building:

We look forward to welcoming next year’s third graders from Fairmount Park Elementary  at the Market!



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