June 1, 2017 McGilvra Elementary

A second grade classroom from McGilvra Elementary visited the Market today, taking in the sights and sounds. As the school year winds down, a different part of the Market seems to ramp up. Today, in particular, the buskers were out in force and in fine form. First up was Chris and Phinneas, at the corner of Pike Place and Pine:

A few steps north of that, the group ran into a dynamic duo doing old time music in front of the first Starbuck’s in the world:

Toward the end of the tour, there was an amazing group, entertaining a large number of Market visitors, right under the famous Public Market Center sign. The kids settled in, and enjoyed the experience:

But the Market is also about unique crafts, as the group found out when visiting Fairy Houses – in the new MarketFront, where Kirsti shared some very special fairy booklets with them. Magical!

Many groups end up with a visit to the world famous Gum Wall, and this group was insistent on getting there – although their reaction to the place was somewhat mixed!


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