End of the 2016-17 School Year

The School Tour program has an annual rhythm to it, much like a regular school year. By the time “cruise ship season” starts in mid May, it’s often elbow to elbow in many favorite Pike Place Market spots. It is a fun time –  warmer, flowers everywhere, buskers in fine form – but it’s also a little more stressful. Tour leaders especially notice the difference, and there are new concerns – like being sure you have everybody in your group!

This year, the Market Education Program served 108 classes (101 tours) – a total of 2,351 students from 20 private and 26 public schools! The students were primarily second through fourth graders. We truly enjoyed the experience and were grateful for being able to participate in such a wonderful program. We also want to express our thanks to the many Market folks who were so supportive, and who spent so much time with the kids – they will remember! Thank you!

Signing thank you cards

When we gathered up at the Pink Door for lunch to celebrate a successful year, we did so with happiness in having brought many smiles and enriched young lives – but also with a little wistfulness, knowing that most of us wouldn’t see each other and many Market regulars for three months.

Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in the fall!

Tour leaders: Mark, Amy, Laurie, Jacki, Don, Linda, Nancy, Katrina, Melinda, Sharron, Megan, Stephanie, Jessica, Ron, Gloria, Dianna, and fearless leader Scott Davies!


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