March 5, 2018 Arbor Heights Elementary

(Special thanks to classroom teacher Angie Nall, who contributed all the pictures here – except for the last one. As always, click to see larger versions)

A fourth grade classroom from Arbor Heights Elementary visited the Market and had a wonderful time exploring, recognizing things they had studied about, and learning much more about how this special place works. They began in the Market Classroom, where they learned about the assignments they would complete in small groups.

Here’s tour leader Nancy with her clipboard, pointing out which letters her group still needs to find in their A to Z food scavenger hunt:

Education Program manager Scott Davies talked with another group about some of the special products at the Market, like the unique artwork offered at Studio Solstone:
Tour leader Melinda spent a little time speaking with her group about the history of the Market, in the Economy Building Atrium:

Only a special few get to visit the Coolest Place in the Market. One group had that privilege today:

But most everybody had a chance to visit the world famous Gum Wall, and some even contributed to the grossness – yuck!

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