May 17, 2018 St Joseph School

The third and final classroom of third graders from St. Joseph School made it to the Market and had a great time today. After splitting up into small groups one group had quite the magical experience.

It happened at the Magic Shop in the Market. Jonathan welcomed the group and asked one member to select a card, sign it, and bury it in the deck – unseen to Jonathan, of course.

Jonathan tried finding it a couple of times, and came close – but needed a little help, so he created a little divining rod with a card…

… and used it to help him find the special card:

No luck. But wait! Let’s just take a look at that divining rod, shall we? Well, bless my stars, THERE it is!

And that special card got to go home with the one who picked it out:

Thanks Jonathan, and the Magic Shop in the Market!

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