May 22, 2018 Loyal Heights Elementary

A third grade classroom from Loyal Heights Elementary School had a wonderful time at the Market! After splitting up into small groups, one group didn’t get very far before they had to stop and take in the great music made by a busking group right under the famous sign:

During a visit to the new MarketFront, they had an interesting experience watching some folks having difficulty getting bills into Billie (Rachel’s cousin) the Piggy Bank:

A visit to the Market is always a great place to take pictures – especially on a beautiful day! Here a couple of parent chaperones (thank you, thank you, we could not do this without you) captured a memorable moment of their kids on the observation deck of the Inn at the Market:

Many groups have lunch after the tour, and head back to school, but this classroom had some time after lunch to go back into the Market and explore on their own (with a little money to spend). This group scouted two candy stores Down Under in the morning, deciding what kind of treats they could afford:

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