Oct 24, 2019 Our Lady of Guadalupe

A great classroom of third graders from Our Lady of Guadalupe had a wonderful learning experience – and a lot of fun – at the Market today. After the introduction in the Market Classroom, they were offered a tasty sample of a seasonal Market delicacy. Thankfully, it was not the sugar-coated deep-fried caterpillars that somebody mentioned (!) – but just these tasty morsels from Daily Dozen Doughnuts:

The food discovery theme continued with one group’s visit to Don and Joe’s Meats, where they got to play Guess the Meat. They eventually got it, but it wasn’t what they were expecting:

It was a beautiful day, and the group had a wonderful time exploring the new MarketFront, where there was a great photo-op on and around Billie the Piggy-bank:

The highlight of the day for this lucky group was a visit to Golden Age Collectables, where Steve took them on one of his legendary tours through comics, action figures, supply and demand, Manga – and Godzilla defense:

Learning about Star Wars action figures and Supply and Demand
Learning about Manga
Learning the proper response to a Godzilla attack

Here’s Steve in action with a group a few years ago:

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