Nov 7, 2019 Sacajawea Elementary

A great bunch of third graders from Sacajawea Elementary School visited and learned about the Market today. After touring and tasting at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, one group closely examined a display case, giving particular attention to an extra large triangle of cheese:

Across the street at the new MarketFront, they walked as far down the ramps and stair as they could go – for now – and imagined being able to walk all the way down to the waterfront!

They took in a brief history lesson on where the rough stones on Pine Street between First Ave and Pike Place got there. Hint: think big city disaster in California about a hundred years ago:

Finally, they enjoyed a little dessert sample (before heading up to lunch) from Ellenos Real Greek yogurt – Mango and Marionberry – yum!

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