March 9, 2017 St. Alphonsus School

A third grade class  classroom from St. Alphonsus School had a very special day at the Market! After splitting up into small groups, one group headed up the North Arcade (starting to get a little crowded these days…) and was offered a sample at Pappardelle’s  – chocolate linguine. Crunch, crunch…yum!

A definite highlight was a visit to the Magic Shop in the Market. Now, a trip there is always fun, and the magic tricks are spectacular, but this was a little different. A guest was “in the house”, named AlakaSam (a friend of their teacher). He dazzled them with several amazing feats of magic, right in front of their faces. They left shaking their heads, having no idea how things had appeared and disappeared, over and over… thanks, AlakaSam and Magic Shop in the Market!

They went outside for a few minutes, to learn about, and add to, the Gum Wall

Back inside, they made a quick stop before lunch at indi chocolate, where Emily explained the story of chocolate, and then gave them a treat – but not to eat. Hand lotion that smelled like chocolate – in several different “flavors” – wow – thanks!


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