May 10 & 11, 2017 – St Joseph School

The three third grade classrooms at St. Joseph School visited the Pike Place Market over a three day period. The May 9 visit is here.

On May 10, part of that classroom got to spend some very interesting time with Cathy, from Mystery Boxes, in the North Arcade:

The next day, a group from the final classroom of third graders enjoyed a delicious peach (yes, a peach!), courtesy of  Choice Produce:

That group continued on, to where they were, we think, the first group to visit the Perennial Tea Room, since it has had new owners. What a treat they had! Besides getting to sample a tisane tea (no caffeine), they also learned all about tea – where it comes from, how it is produced and harvested, how it smells (yum!), and lots more. As they left, they had a chance to examine the actual tea plant growing right outside the store:

As they headed back to the Market Classroom, they made a quick stop at the Magic Shop in the Market, where Jonathan wowed them with an amazing card trick!

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